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The introduction of GSM technology in early 90’s and subsequent technological advancement throughout the world and in India in 2000’s brought about a hurricane of revolution as the adoption of mobile phones reached dazzling speed.

The telephone, a simple for instrument for voice communication which continued unchanged for more than a century since it was invented by Graham Bell, has metamorphosed into a mind-boggling device. Today a mobile has built-in Music & Video player, Document reader, Internet Browser, e-Wallet, daily Diary, Thesaurus, Video Games, & latest being a device for video Communication. A century worth of change in one decade!

Also during this period the data communication manufacturers started carrying real time voice communication along-with data, and a new & a more efficient technology VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) was born. This period saw design & deployment of 10Mbps networks though on a terrestrial level with Coax Thin Ethernet (10Base2) at access level & Thick Ethernet (10Base5) as Backbone, then took a lateral shift into 10Base-T ie.UTP Cat-3 system though still 10Mbps, but now limited by distance of 100m.

That was the till last decade, but this decade belongs to Networks, whether connecting through Social Networks, conducting business through Professional Networks, Cloud Networking, etc. All of this meant immense amount of data being transferred real-time through interconnected Networks. As demands for Higher bandwidth by advanced applications pushed the limits of data transmission to 10x speeds i.e. 100Mbps with launch of Cat5 UTP, on Fiber (Multimode) backbone, and now another 10x jump i.e. 1 Gigabit Network on CAT 6 UTP with Single mode Fiber optic as backbone.

The world is eagerly awaiting the deployment of CAT 7, 600 MHz cabling system, while, the electronics or Active components like switches have become affordable, also deploying Fiber Optic due its advantage of huge bandwidth, longer distance, unaffected by environmental conditions is entering homes thru FTTH. Also with advent of Mobile Devices, Wi-Fi is being deployed by both Corporate as well as Govt.

At SG Optic Solutions, we utilize our expertise in design, development and deployment of network connectivity products & solutions, to provide highly reliable, high capacity, high speed network demanding applications in a variety of industrial markets, with optimum utilization of bandwidth, power and other resources.

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